As the Rector of John von Neumann University welcome to the official website of John von Neumann University.

John von Neumann University in Kecskemét is one of the youngest institutions of Hungarian higher education, although its predecessor institutions - the faculties of Kecskemét College - look back on a remarkable past and creditable traditions past and beautiful traditions. Our institution was awarded the title of University of Applied Sciences in 2016 and then gained its current structure as a result of a multi-stage process of transformation and expansion. Between 2016 and 2019, the former College of Szolnok also belonged John von Neumann University as the Faculty of Management. Currently our higher education institution has 3 faculties and a complex training portfolio, we perform our higher education activities and related practical trainings in several locations, and our academic institutional units cover several disciplines. Our University, with more than four thousand students, training in the fields of engineering, informatics, economics, agricultural sciences and education, as well as its research and innovation performance, exemplary achievements in the field of dual training, and extensive corporate and institutional relations, has become a leading higher education institution in the region.


The aim of our University is to be able to join the circulation of the European Higher Education Area with an internationally competitive, broad-based training portfolio, research potential and infrastructure, where as a domestic base of dual training it offers attractive opportunities for partners interested in practice-oriented training. Our continuously enriching training and research activities can lay the foundation for the future of master's programs built around developing scientific knowledge centres and research workshops, and in the long run it can also be a basis for a multidisciplinary doctoral school to become a university in the classical sense.


As the rector of our University, I took responsibility for the professional and legal operation of the institution, for the development of the academic field, higher education, scientific research and innovation activities. One of my priorities is to create the right working conditions that support high-quality teaching and research activities, and a modern learning and methodological environment that supports the work of students. I attach great importance to being a credible, reliable and attractive partner for the students who choose us, the institutions and companies that cooperate with us. In our work, I consider it important to enforce the principles of equal opportunities, sustainability and social responsibility. As the Rector of the University, I intend to perform my duties together with the academic and chancellery staff and with the students – i.e. all university citizens - based on correct cooperation, taking into account faculty and organizational autonomy and the development of the institution, the aspects of quality and excellence.


Increasing the competitiveness, popularity, more efficient operation and excellence of the institution has been emphasized in my strategic objectives related to the development of John von Neumann University. My goals include the development of training tailored to the needs of the major large companies in the catchment area, the promotion of the economic competitiveness of SMEs, the expansion of the RDI performance of the University, and competence- and value-based higher education activities based on modern methodologies and the development of a complex institutional role in the strengthening of social and cultural capital based on local needs and national values, and in social and regional development.


At this crucial stage in their lives, I wish our students meaningful, productive, cheerful, but responsible university years and I hope that during their studies they can experience not only the joy of acquiring knowledge, the beauty of science and research, the commitment of our teachers and staff, but also the community-building power of higher education in Kecskemét.