Quality Management

Quality Policy of John von Neumann University


The management and staff of John von Neumann University are committed to establishing and operating a system in line with the quality management guidelines and standards of the European Higher Education Area. The aim of the quality management system is to ensure that our teaching and research processes meet the needs of our students, employers and other partners, as well as the expectations of society. The maintenance and development of quality, practice-oriented education and the supporting scientific research and innovation will enable Neumann János University to become one of the leading intellectual centres of the Southern Great Plain region.

The senior management of John von Neumann University is committed to

 - improving its processes,

- providing the conditions for quality teaching and learning and research,

- complying with relevant legislation and the expectations of its supporters,

- meeting national and international accreditation requirements,

- developing a training structure and programme that is competitive in Europe and worldwide,

- ensuring conditions for academic cooperation between faculties and external organisations,

- strengthening partnerships and cooperation,

- providing staff with a predictable workplace, an appropriate working environment and professional development,

- fostering a culture of quality and commitment to quality.

In order to fully meet the quality requirements of teaching, research and innovation, teachers, researchers and all staff are given the opportunity for continuous renewal, while at the same time being receptive to new scientific findings, teaching and learning methods and continuously developing professionally.

A fundamental expectation at all levels of management is to have a quality approach, to be committed to quality, to demand and implement quality work, and to comply with established internal policies, quality management standards and requirements.

Dated in Kecskemét 24 March 2022.

Dr. habil Tamás Fülöp PhD
Rector of John von Neumann University