John von Neumann Regional Innovation Platform, Kecskemét

On May 18, 2021, the Regional Innovation Platform was established in Kecskemét.

John von Neumann University is one of the scientific centers of the region with its research-development-innovation activities and scientific performance. The institution is a key player in professional-scientific public life due to the diversity of the scientific fields managed by the faculties, its extensive domestic and international network, the high proportion of instructors and researchers with scientific qualifications, and its scientific research performance.

In the university's scientific strategy, the support of technology and knowledge transfer processes, internationalization, cooperation with external partners, and the socialization of scientific research results play a prominent role.

In recent years, the University has made numerous investments and in the process, it has been enriched with high-value production equipment, instruments, and software. You can support the R&D activities of industrial partners with the following resources and competencies:

In the technical field,

  • vehicle industry tests
  •  device and tool design
  • technology rationalization, design of automation and industrial IT systems
  •  determining the composition of materials, measuring material properties and optimizing processing technology
  •  length and geometric measurement technique
  • applied informatics

 in an agricultural area 

  • technological measurement and planning of ornamental plants, fruit and grape plants and vegetable plants
  •  preparation of grape plant protection forecast
  •  preparation of tenders for horticultural investments, rural and regional development, 

in the economic field 

  • complex organizational development, marketing.

The purpose of the Automotive Knowledge Center operating at the university is to serve the innovation and R&D needs of automotive manufacturing and supplier companies, and to establish cooperation between the institution and industrial companies.

The mission of the Knowledge Center for Environmentally Friendly Technologies is to collect environmentally friendly technological knowledge, knowledge, skills, and expertise, and to provide them to the corporate sector in the Southern Great Plain region, the specific economic utilization of modern scientific knowledge, and to assume an intermediary role among education and research, as well as the corporate sector.

 John von Neumann University welcomes applications from national and regional players and businesses who would like to establish a closer relationship with the university and innovation players of the region within the framework of the TIP.

Joining the Regional Innovation Platform is free of charge. Please send the completed and duly signed membership declaration to Mrs. Zsuzsanna Ba, e-mail address 



If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:
E-mail address:
Postal address: 6000 Kecskemét, Izsáki street 10.


Joined Members


Agrova Ltd.

ArchEnerg Cluster


Bács-Kiskun County Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Delta Systems Ltd.



Glósz és Társa Ltd.

IQ Kecskemét Ltd.

I.T.C. Kft. Kiss Patent and Trademark Office Ltd.

Mega-Hercz-Q Ltd.

MKB Consulting Ltd.

EV Zsuzsanna Krisztina Nagy

PMG Hungary Ltd.


EV Árpád Dávid Taba (Solution Board)

Urban Development Association

TETT Engineering Office Ltd.



The statement of John von Neumann University Regional Innovation Platform - Kecskemét Founder is available here.

More information on the created Territorial Innovation Platforms is available on the NKFIH website.