John von Neumann University Student Council (EHÖK)

The aim of the Student Council is to represent the interests of students in all matters affecting them at the University, at regional and national bodies and forums. It also aims to exercise the collective rights of decision, agreement, proposal, control, and opinion, conferred by the Higher Education Act and other legislation, university and faculty regulations and resolutions, which derive from the student status.

The tasks of the Student Council are

  • to participate in the work of higher education representative organisations,
  • to support the professional, academic, sporting, and other community activities of students, and the work of student volunteer groups,
  • to investigate and take action to solve students' problems,
  • to keep students informed about the work of the Union, university-related issues, applications, scholarship, and job opportunities, through the information tools available,
  • to promote a lively university community by organising cultural and traditional events,
  • to help students build professional, cultural, and other contacts at home and abroad.

The Student Council of John von Neumann University, in addition to exercising its rights of representation and assertion of interests, considers the organisation and smooth running of students' leisure programmes, community events and traditional entertainment opportunities to be its fundamental task. Freshers' camps, the Freshers' Ball, university and faculty days, cultural and sporting events, presentations by independent art groups and the inevitable parties are all made memorable for old and new students thanks to the work of the University Student Council, and the faculty Students' Unions.

The University Student Council carries out its activities in cooperation with the 3 faculties' (sub)councils, and the university management.

The Faculty Student Councils: 

  • John von Neumann University GAMF Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science Student Council
  • John von Neumann University Faculty of Economics Student Council
  • John von Neumann University Faculty of Horticulture and Rural Development Student Council. 

The University Student Council is therefore divided into university and faculty levels. At the university level, the members of the Students' Council represent the interests of students in the University's main decision-making body, the Senate, and in university committees. The faculty-level student representatives and members of the Student Union represent students' interests in faculty committees and the Faculty Council. This bottom-up organisational structure ensures that students can express their views to the university administration through their representatives.

The central Student Council Office is located on the ground floor of the main GAMF Faculty building.

Address: 6000 Kecskemét, Izsáki út 10.

Opening hours: weekdays between 9.30 am and 4.00 pm.