Strategic Partnerships

With its extensive network of contacts, John von Neumann University is firmly embedded in its socio-economic environment. The strategic partners of the institution are the Municipality of Kecskemét, Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Hungary Kft., the Hungarian National Bank, Knorr-Bremse Fékrendszerek Kft., Univer Product Zrt., Deltaplast Kft. and Bács-Zöldért Zrt. Co-op Hungary Zrt., CLAAS HUNGÁRIA Kft. and BI-KA Logisztika Kft. The close cooperation is reflected in the cooperation agreements that were signed.

The University has numerous bilateral partnerships with companies and farmers in the region: it takes the needs of the economy into account to a large extent with its educational and research development activities, while it relies on and builds on the opportunities offered by companies and farmers in the region for practical training at the same time. A new type of close contact with economic operators is the introduction of dual training, in which companies participate as educational partners. Students spend half of their study time at a company, which employs the full-time student under a student employment contract. This type of training is more responsive than ever to the needs of the economy and strengthens the University's links with companies. 

The University has extensive links in the educational sector too: it cooperates not only with higher educational and public education institutions, but also adult education centres. Successful joint educational programmes, research collaborations and grant projects are milestones of the partnership.

Many professional and non-governmental organisations are partners of John von Neumann University, as well as the media – on local, regional, and national levels.

In the field of international cooperation, we have bilateral agreements with more than forty partners in the SOCRATES/ERASMUS programme, but in addition to that, individual faculties have also established international links through exchange programmes, grant and research cooperation.