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Teaching practice of Erasmus students 2018/2019 spring semester

My Erasmus Experience in Hungary - 2017/2018 Academic Year

Maria Astorqui - from Spain - Teacher Training Faculty

"...Everything was so exciting since the very first day. New places to visit and discover, new people to meet and new things to do...There were other students from different parts of the world who were ready to have the best time of their life like me. In the first week the International Office organised the "orientation week" with full of activities, trips and interesting programmes. That was amazing because due to that we met a lot of Hungarian people who bacame our friends by time. That is one of the reason I am so happy I went to Kecskemét because I had the opportunity to meet Hungarians, learn their culture and traditions...."

My Erasmus experience in Hungary - Maria Astorqui

We asked them…

1. Why did you choose Kecskemét for Erasmus+ Programme? Do you think Kecskemét is ready for Erasmus students?

I choose Kecskemét because it is a small but a very nice and friendly city. The University is so student-centered and teachers are also open-armed. People in the city are so helpful and the biggest advantage in Kecskemét is the short distance to Budapest. You can go by bus or train , it takes only 1 hours... In my opinion Kecskemét is definitely ready for the Erasmus+ Programme --> small city - big friendships !!!

  Vahdet Özdemir from Turkey - GAMF Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science 2017/2018 Spring semester

2. What are your best experiences in Hungary by the Erasmus+ Programme?

Taking part in the Erasmus+ Programme in Kecskemét was a big and unforgettable opportunity for me. One of my best experiences here was to meet Hungarian people and get to know their culture. Also it was really interesting to study in a different country and improve my English language skills. The English Chat Club was a great experience too, where I could learn about other cultures of all around the world. Here, all the experiences are unique and I really recommend for everyone to spend Erasmus time here in Hungary and discover this amazing country.

Jose Figuerola from Spain - GAMF Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science 2017/2018 whole year

3. Would you offer John von Neumann University for other students?

Yes! I would absolutely offer John von Neumann University for every other student because the teachers are really open-minded, really patient and passionate. The classes have a good quality and during the folk dance courses we made a lot of Hungarian friends also. Finally I can say that: we built a friendly Erasmus community and an exciting Erasmus life with the international and local students as well. It was a pleasure to study here.

Cassandre Farina from France - Teacher Training Faculty 2017/2018 Spring semester

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Erasmus Experience in 2014

‘My experience in Kecskeméti was very good. At the beginning for me it was difficult because I am from a big city, Barcelona. So Kecskemet it was a small city for me, but later I was enjoying so much from the fresh air, the beautiful streets, good students, good teachers and Kecskemet became in a magic city for me. I have a lot of feelings there, and it was an incredible experience because I could see different ways to learn, also another culture, language and people. I loved every moment and every day. It is a cheap place so we could go a lot of times to Budapest also. And the classes were very good because there are not a lot of students, so the teachers can know you and you can also know them. You can learn so much better. Wish I can come back soon.’


Amy Gallagher




Dicle Kocak