2nd International Erasmus Week

During the 2nd International Erasmus Week an International Picnic was held at GAMF Faculty of John von Neumann University. The event included round-table discussions where foreign students, Erasmus students studying here, students who have already participated in Erasmus mobility and future Erasmus students were introduced. 

Round-table discussions, music, food, and drinks were offered at the event. The picnic was organized for the first time, with the aim of introducing international opportunities offered by the University and to introduce international students. 

The University welcomed guests from several universities in Turkey, as well as from Poland and Lithuania. The number of students who go abroad in the framework of Erasmus+ programme from Kecskemét is between 20-50 every year. As it was said, you can gain a lot of life experience during a six-month stay abroad. 

Source: www.hiros.hu