2024-03-18 15:24

We are looking forward to the 4th International Week of John von Neumann University, as the previous three were a great success. In particular, we still have vivid memories of last year's programmes and the experiences we had with a good number of guests.

Colleagues came from 12 universities, including Turkey, Romania, Estonia, Poland, Serbia, Germany, and Spain. Of the twelve universities, we had Erasmus agreements with seven before the international week, the others were concluded later.

During the week, we put a lot of emphasis on participants getting to know each other, and on developing future cooperation. This was made possible by the ideal size number of groups. The workshops focused on non-formal learning methods. The feedback was that most of the participants enjoyed this form of activities. There was also positive feedback from the tasting of goodies brought from home. The SMP factory visit was also a great experience.

In addition to Krisztina Marton, Erasmus coordinator at John von Neumann University, many other university staff members were involved in the organisation of the event to ensure that the visitors returned home satisfied. We hope that the delicious food, the rich cultural programme, and the International Picnic at the end of the week will be well remembered by our visitors.

And then comes the continuation from 14 April!