The Hungarian academic credit system following theHungarian law is an ECTS-compatible system. 

The calculation of the credits is based on the number of working hours of the students (one credit is 30 student working hours, on average). 
At the end of the semester the student’s study achievement is evaluated with a grade (1-fail, 2-sufficient or pass, 3-medium or satisfactory, 4-good, 5-excellent). The ECTS conversion table ensures transfer procedures between the Hungarian academic credit system and the ECTS. The recognition of courses completed abroad is based on the credit transfer regulation.

For incoming international students, a Transcript of Records is issued at the end of the semester, which contains the code and title of the completed courses, credits, grade, and its ECTS-compatible grade. 

ECTS conversion table – System of assessment:

GradeEquivalent ECTS grade
5 (excellent)A, B excellent, very good
4 (good)C good
3 (satisfactory)D satisfactory
2 (pass)E sufficient
1 (fail)FX, F fail

ECTS credits:
1 full academic year = 60 credits
1 semester = 30 credits