Past and Present

  • 1993. Merger of the Szolnok branches of the College of Commerce, Catering and Tourism and the College of Foreign trade (both seated in Budapest) – College of Commerce and Economy
  • 2000. Merger of the College of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, the Teacher Training College of Kecskemét, and the College Faculty of Horticulture of the University Horticulture and Food Industry (seated in Budapest) – Kecskemét College
  • 2000. College of Commerce and Economy adopts the name Szolnok College
  • 1st July 2016. Merger of Kecskemét College and Szolnok College – Pallasz Athéné University
  • 1. August 2017. Pallasz Athéné University adopts the name John von Neumann University

John von Neumann University, based in Kecskemét, is one of the youngest tertiary educational institutions in Hungary. However, the university’s legal predecessors have a history going back many years and boast longstanding traditions. It received the title University of Applied Sciences in 2016, since when it has become the leading higher education institute in the region.

With almost 4,000 students, we offer programmes in technical sciences, economics, agriculture; achieve significant results in terms of research and innovation; and foster extensive business and institutional networks. Building on our dynamically expanding international connections, we aim to achieve greater visibility in the globalised world of higher education.

The University is about to undergo unprecedented development: our new Campus will be a truly modern building, providing an educational environment that meets the needs of the 21st century. We are already offering students a wider range of programmes, new bachelor and master programmes, as well as scholarships. Applicants to the new University of applied sciences can be sure that the skills and knowledge they gain here will be applicable in practice, enabling them to build successfully on the opportunities provided by the university’s dual training scheme.

The wealth of cultural, recreational and sports facilities to be found in Kecskemét ensure that our students university years are colorful and memorable, while the dynamically developing town will continue to attract both Hungarian and international students.

Our experienced, well-prepared, and helpful teaching staff, our extensive business and professional network, and the wide range of services available to our students are among the most important aspects of our institution’s quality assurance system. Our ultimate goal is to educate students in the most conducive environment possible, giving them every opportunity to achieve success in their professional lives after graduation.