Regional and Environmental Economics MA

The purpose of the programme is to train economic specialists who (with their theoretical and methodological knowledge) are capable of exploring the social dimensions of environmental problems and analyzing social, cultural and ecological processes from an economic perspective, taking into account the interactions between social and natural systems. 

The training enables students to participate in creative and innovative development of global and regional development and environmental policies, strategies and programmes. The focus is on the dimensions of the economy and the society, the cultivation of economic geography, regional and environmental social sciences. The graduates are competent in solving analytical and planning tasks independently, working in and managing groups, as well as conducting analyses and research related to sustainable development in the academic, public and private spheres. 

The two unique specializations of the programme are network economy and urban marketing. The students get acquainted with the latest ICT technologies of the Metaverse like VR, AR, MR and XR to apply them in economics and environmental, regional issues alike. This training approach is unique in the European higher education. Graduates will be well-prepared to continue their studies in doctoral schools. 

Duration of the programme: 4 semesters (2 years) 

Credit number: ECTS 120

Degree: Economist in Regional and Environmental Economic Studies 

Tuition fee: EUR 2750/semester

Location of the training: Budapest


Major coordinator: Dr. Balázs Forman

Curriculum - Regional and Environmental Economics Studies MA


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