Horticultural Engineering BSc

This is one of the Faculty's longest-standing study programmes, and one that has evolved continuously over the decades as scientific knowledge is accumulated and environment-friendly technologies are gaining ground. The main aims of the programme are: to train professionals who will be able to plan, supervise and organise industrial-scale production processes; to manage tasks related to the preparation, distribution and storage of products; to undertake specialised managerial core tasks in the horticultural domain; and to set up independent horticultural farms and operate them efficiently.

This bachelor’s programme is recommended to those who would like to participate in activities through which they can learn how the tastiest and most beautiful fruits and vegetables are grown, and how vineyard grapes are cultivated to produce fine wines. 

Duration of the programme: 7 semesters

Credit number: ECTS 210

Degree: Horticultural Engineer

Tuition fee: EUR 3000/semester

Location of the training: Kecskemét


Curriculum - Horticultural Engineering BSc


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