Get a valuable, popular degree at the most modern campus in Hungary; Tourism and Catering BSc.

At the JvNU Faculty of Business and Economics Kecskemét campus, you can gain marketable, practical knowledge in a 21st century environment. 

The Tourism and Catering BSc degree programme trains economists with a good knowledge of the economic and regulatory environment of travel agencies, hotels, and restaurants. This course is recommended for those who wish to acquire practical skills in the sector, in addition to a well-grounded, broad knowledge of economics.

During the course, students will learn about the business world, and cultural factors of domestic and foreign travel management, the hotel industry, catering and gastronomy, they will acquire specific operational knowledge of the sector's businesses, as well as the basics of related management, marketing, legal and communication disciplines.

The practical nature of the course is reinforced by project assignments, and a two-and-a-half-year compulsory internship, during which students participate in longer-term practical training at an external site.

Graduates will have an understanding of the international and intercultural context of the tourism and hospitality sector. They will learn the specificities of working in projects and teams and acquire how to develop their professional language skills in order to be able to work in a multinational environment.

Main general business subjects: economics, management, marketing, business communication, accounting, corporate finance, business law, human resource management, business statistics.

Specialised subjects: accommodation, hotel management, hospitality basics, catering and gastronomy management, tourism marketing, travel management, destination management, event management, health tourism, nutrition and hygiene, visitor, and attraction management.

Duration of training: 8 semesters

Credit number: ECTS 240

Degree: Economist in Tourism and Catering BSc

Tuition fee: EUR 3000/semester (plus EUR 150 registration fee)

Location of the training: Kecskemét


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