With the creation of the Animation Knowledge Center, an interactive, experiential collection of knowledge will be created that can convey values, develop competencies and pass on traditions across age groups. All of this promotes the development of the artistic, cultural, natural science, engineering and IT literacy of young people.

The aim of creating the Animation Knowledge Center is to collect, process and systematize sources related to the development and development of Hungarian animation and animation film, as well as the domestic and international professional results of Kecskemét animation and its decades of operation, based on professional, scientific aspects.

As a result of the strategic steps started in the Animation Knowledge Center, the goal is to create the "Hungarian Animation House", which can provide a suitable place and framework for the long-term preservation, digitization and public collection of various types of sources (documents, objects, photographs, moving images, etc.) to create a collection that ensures accessibility and research.


The objectives of the Animation Knowledge Center:

- The scientific collection, processing and archiving of documents, photographs, motion pictures, tangible assets related to the history of domestic and Kecskemét animation, the operation of Kecskemétfilm Ltd. Exploring and organizing the history of international and domestic animation, researching Hungarian connection areas.

- With the cooperation of the János Neumann University Library and Information Center and the scientific university journal GRADUS, the publication of the professional and scientific results generated during the research in digitized form, published online in order to make the discovered values ​​accessible to young people and international researchers.

- The creation of a new, modern digital platform, which will later become the center of the interactive visual movement experience.


- Within the University's organizational units, the development of natural science, technical and IT education, the launch of related research programs, the development of new research directions with the help of animation (e.g. vehicle industry developments, representational geometry, machine components, etc.), as well as the possibilities of starting advanced animator training exploration, creating the conditions for training development.

- Active participation in the organization of the international Kecskemét Animation Film Festival (KAFF), building a national and international university network and including it in the operation of the film festival.


The operation of the Animation Knowledge Center is managed by a 3-person Management Board (Board), whose president is Ferenc Mikulás, managing director of Kecskemétfilm Ltd. and dreamer of the "Hungarian Animation House", Tamás Bánkuty, Member of the Board of Trustees of the János Neumann University Foundation, and Dr. habil Tamás Philip, Rector of János Neumann University.