The main objective of the doctoral school is to support PhD students to obtain marketable knowledge in the field of management and business sciences, which ensure the necessary skills for independent academic work and may also be used in practice. The doctoral programme will provide students with a high level of theoretical knowledge, practical research and teaching experience.
Doctoral study is primarily aimed at preparing future researchers and academicians. The study system gives particular attention to the acquisition of the knowledge and skills that are essential for professional research at international level.

The training and research programme of the John von Neumann University Doctoral School of Management and Business Administration focuses on the most recent and key scientific topics and is divided into three sub-programmes: ‘Bioeconomy and Sustainability’, ‘Business Management and Business Digitalisation’ and ‘Finance and Financial Digitalisation’. 

We welcome applications for our doctoral school from students with a Master's degree in business or economics, but students with a degree in other fields are also welcomed to apply with fulfilling special requirements and taking differential examinations.