2024-07-10 12:26

Kashif Ullah Khan, a professor from India, has joined the Department of Innovative Vehicles and Materials of our university. 




Read his introduction below

'I am Kashif Ullah Khan from India. I received my foundational education from my hometown schools. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry, and a Master of Science degree in Polymer Science and Technology with first-class honors from Aligarh Muslim University, India. Currently, I am pursuing a PhD in Materials Science and Technology at Óbuda University, Hungary. My research work is conducted at John von Neumann University, one of Hungary's most rapidly growing institutions, where I joined as an assistant professor in the Department of Innovative Vehicles and Materials, Polymer Technology Research Group, on July 1, 2024. In addition to my academic role, I teach chemistry to the BSc students of vehicle engineering.

My research focuses on nanomaterials, polymer nanocomposites processing and characterization, multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs), and polyester recycling. I am also gaining practical experience by collaborating with the research lab of Jász-Plasztik Kft. at Jászberény. I have presented my research at several conferences, including AGTECO, which provided a platform to share my findings and network with other professionals in the field. These experiences have enriched my understanding and equipped me with valuable skills pertinent to my field.

Throughout my academic journey, I have participated in various professional training programs, internships, workshops, and seminars related to personality development, rubber technology, job fairs, and environmental sustainability. I am dedicated, disciplined, and goal-oriented, committed to advancing research and contributing to the academic community. My goal is to become a distinguished researcher and leading academician in my field.'  

We wish him every success in his scientific activities!