2024-03-18 09:52

Thank you for the applications so far and we look forward to receiving more!

In 2024, twice as many applicants as planned applied to the Kecskemét institution. Based on the number of first place applications, Kecskemét is expected to maintain its record growth of recent years, and nearly 2,000 students will once again start their studies at Neumann.

John von Neumann University, Kecskemét is able to maintain the growth trajectory that has been setting continuous records since 2021. The key to success is definitely that the management of the University of Kecskemét is pursuing a new, bolder vision than the trends. As the most innovative university in the country, we are implementing a so-called 4th generation model, in which the institution, its students, market players, and the city of Kecskemét are acting as one. By setting common national and international targets, the aim is to reach high rankings within a short period of time, thus strengthening Kecskemét's international and national gateway function.

International recruitment at Neumann has also reached a new level. The institution's International Team is recruiting in several major cities around the world from spring to autumn, and the number of international students studying in Kecskemét is expected to rise significantly this year.