2024-01-18 08:53

This year's series of lectures organised in cooperation with the Cédrusnet Kecskemét Programme at the Hírös Senior John von Neumann University has come to an end on 29.11.2023. This year, representatives of the 55+ age group participated in 13 scientific, educational and cultural lectures.

In total, more than 300 seniors from Kecskemét and the surrounding area were attracted to this year's Wednesday afternoon programmes, which covered a range of interesting topics from cardiovascular diseases to artificial intelligence, from Ida Ferenczy to John von Neumann. Senior students were also able to attend a film screening and a museum visit this semester.

However, this week not only marked the end of the Hírös Senior University, but also the end of the autumn semester for seniors. As a member of the international network of Age-Friendly Universities, certain courses at John von Neumann University have been open to seniors since September 2022, who can join the university lectures and seminars free of charge. 

The aim of the initiative was to bring together the experiences of generations, creating an opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience. Participants were given the opportunity to attend university classes on a weekly basis in different subject areas. The most popular courses were European Union Studies, Philosophy, Economic History and Natural Resources. The programme also included visits to the Researchers' Night events and the AGTECO scientific conference. It has the advantage of providing an opportunity for the senior generation to share their life experiences and expertise with university students and lecturers. 

According to feedback from our lecturers, senior students were not only regular attendees of the university lectures, but also took an interest in the course materials, lesson plans and literature in order to deepen their knowledge. 

The promotion of active ageing and intergenerational knowledge transfer is an important element of the John von Neumann University programme. 

Our initiative, which is also a national example, aims to strengthen social cohesion and opportunities to learn from each other. We hope that this initiative will help different generations to value and respect each other's knowledge and experience.


Photos by Szabolcs Simon.