2024-01-17 13:43

Prepare for your studies at John von Neumann University with us, and join our English language communication training from home!



In order to improve the communication skills of our future students, to introduce Hungary (culture, traditions and customs, general information etc.), and to provide them with more information about John von Neumann University, we are launching an intensive English language preparatory course. At the same time, we are hoping that you will benefit from the topics covered, and the language skills imparted by our qualified teachers at the university.

If the preparatory exam requirements are completed, the university will reward you with a certificate.

Things to know:

Anyone can apply for the course, but admission requires a minimum of a strong basic knowledge of the language, which is assessed by an online discussion, and a 30-question multiple-choice test lasting 45 minutes.

The courses are scheduled to start in early March 2024.

End date: end of May 2024.

Duration of the course: 12 weeks, 24 sessions.

Duration of lessons: 60 minutes twice a week.

Maximum number of students: 4 per group.

Fee for the preparatory course: 

- EUR 150 registration fee, to be paid to our university at the time of application,

- EUR 1500 for the English language communication training and issuing the certificate.

Deadline for applications: 10 February 2024.

Topics covered:

1.            Personal information, family, daily routine, hobbies

2.            Schools and education

3.            Place of living (introduction of your own country, city, home etc.)

4.            Future plans, world of work

5.            Health

6.            Cultural activities, entertainment

7.            Travelling

8.            Hungary (location, climate, geography, general information, neighbouring countries etc)

9.            Introduction of Kecskemét, and John von Neumann University, and the content of the applicant’s chosen course

10.         General knowledge (topics that are often asked at consular interviews), e.g. banking, shopping etc in Hungary

11.         Revision

12.         Closing exam (concentrating on speaking and listening skills, checking knowledge of the topics covered during the course)


The certificate is awarded on the basis of active participation in at least 80% of the classes, regular preparation for them, completion of homework, and a minimum of 60% in the final exam.

We hope that we have raised your interest in our offer, and you will not miss the chance to develop your English communication skills, and to get acquainted with Hungary.  Application and further information: