Danila Davidashvili from the United Arab Emirates 

Why did you choose JvNU?

I chose JvNU because in my opinion, it was the most convenient thing to do. I visited a university fair in Abu-Dhab, UAE. There was a representative of your university. According to what she said, and how she described the university, that was the best choice in my eyes. The university is just amazing. I feel the energy in me to learn new stuff. 

Meeting you at the fair played a big role, because I also had other universities in Hungary to consider, for example, the University of Debrecen and others. And in other different countries as well. The JvNU representatives gave answers to all the questions I had. That was the key point. 

The online interview:

It was well-organized and didn’t take a long time. Straight to the point, not too long discussions, but straightforward questions, like information about me, studies, and what motivated me to come here. They tested my English, and Maths skills. Basically, it was all good. It was exactly what I had expected. 


E-mails were pretty fast. It was amazing how I got reactions to all my emails. All the emails were self-explanatory, without any further questions. Communication was easy and fast.

What do you expect in the future? 

I’m expecting to learn new ways of using a computer, programming, etc. Now, I just expect to settle down in Hungary, and later to find a student job.

Do you plan to continue your studies here after getting your bachelor’s degree? 

Now I’m considering doing a master’s degree. I’m going to see if it’s actually needed for my future job. 

The dormitory? 

The people are all friendly. Everything was explained and shown. No problems at all. My neighbours asked me if I had a Hungarian SIM card, and as I don’t have one yet, they offered their mobile data for Wi-Fi. The new guy who has just arrived next door is also very kind. Everything’s fine for now, and it’s all good. 

Did you find your visa process easy?

It was just like a regular visa process. The only problem is that there’s a huge file of documents to bring to actually have the visa issued, even though I got confirmation from the university. It didn’t take long. 

What is your message to new students?

Study well.