2022-09-23 11:21

A digital dental laboratory, also known as an additive laboratory, has been inaugurated at the John von Neumann University. 

The 3D printer, scanners and dental milling machines will be used in a joint training course between Neumann University and Semmelweis University of Budapest, starting in September 2022. The digital dental technologist course was more than five times oversubscribed in the university admissions process. 

A 3D printer, dental equipment, milling machines, software and computers make up the new Digital Dental Lab at John von Neumann University. The lab, also known as the Additive Lab, was inaugurated this morning at the Department of Innovative Materials and Vehicles of the GAMF Faculty of Engineering and Informatics. The equipment and technology will enable Neumann University and Semmelweis University of Budapest to jointly launch a Digital Dental Technologist course in September 2022.

- This is a very serious training innovation, developed jointly by Semmelweis University and John von Neumann University. This digital dental planning training is unique in Hungary, and we will be able to integrate the technological background, the practical training background and the related knowledge into the training," said Dr. Tamás Fülöp, Rector of John von Neumann University. 

In Kecskemét, the practical training will take place. This means first and foremost learning 3D technologies, scanning, printing, design and the use of appropriate software.

Today's handover ceremony included a demonstration of the equipment in operation, which will allow students to learn the latest digital dental procedures. The training is also necessary because a new segment of dentistry has been created as digital technology replaces analogue.

- Those who complete this three-year bachelor's degree will become digital dental designers. They can be employed in dental laboratories, dental practices, dental companies that deal with such machines, we see that there is a great demand for training," said Dr. Péter Hermann, Vice Rector for Education at Semmelweis University, who is in charge of the digital dental technologist bachelor's degree.

The popularity of the course and its future success is demonstrated by the fact that there was more than a five-fold oversubscription. 107 students applied in the first place for the 20 places available.

Source: www.hiros.hu

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loTo2fzoGoA&t=1s