Department of Finance and Accounting


I often encounter the attitude of students that "accounting is difficult", "I will have a hard time with it" or it is a "dry" subject anyway. We can call such education and teaching useful and successful that covers the main topics in a clear way, based on examples from the business world. My colleagues and I believe that the courses offered by the department, from the basics of corporate finance to the various accounting specialisations, are not only useful but also interesting! What we strive to do is to teach these subjects well, and in doing so, we do our utmost to ensure that our students acquire solid knowledge.

We are helped in this by the fact that the vast majority of our staff are involved in international research programmes, have been working in higher education for many years, and are active in the world of business and economics. Thus, we see the problems of economic actors not only from the perspective of the academic but also from the perspective of the financial market professionals. At the same time, we are pleased that a high number of young people are ready to “take over the baton”, therefore we can also focus on the next generation of teachers and professors.


Dr. József Kárpáti PhD

Associate Professor, Head of Department

e-mail: karpati.jozsef@gtk.uni-neumann.hu


Department of International Economics


The globalised economy of the post-modern world is creating new challenges every day. It can be stated that any action of any international actor now has a significant impact on the lives and activities of other actors, without limits of space and time. As a result, only those with a complex and comprehensive knowledge of the global context can become successful players in the international and domestic economy.

The aim of the Department's lecturers is to provide students with a knowledge base adapted to this flexible environment, which will enable them not only to operate effectively in the world of business, but also to have a good understanding of the underlying events and related social processes. In this way, they will become well-versed in their immediate field, and will be able to acquire cross-societal, multidisciplinary knowledge too. All these will make young professionals fit for operating effectively in a wide range of work and life situations.


In their teaching and research activities, the staff of the Department of International Economics pay particular attention to providing students with the high level of professional knowledge that will enable them to be proud to claim Neumann János University as their alma mater in the international arena.


Dr. Attila Kasznár PhD.

Head of Department, Associate Professor

e-mail: kasznar.attila@gtk.uni-neumann.hu


Department of Management and Business Law


Our teaching colleagues and I aim to prepare students for the world of work, to create and operate value-creating processes, to learn the management and legal aspects of organizational processes for effective business operations.


The Department's training portfolio covers all areas of the current management science and the direct practical application of theoretical knowledge, e.g. This broad range of knowledge enables our students to acquire knowledge and skills that are outstanding and valuable at an international level. Our teachers and professors are also actively involved in our MBA (Master of Business Administration) programme.


During the course, we use practical examples to make the curriculum even more accessible to students, and give them the opportunity to try their hand at live exercises. At the end of the course, the project assignment and the thesis will require students to work on real business problems, so that they can apply their knowledge directly in business environments, and use this experience to find a job in the labour market.


During their studies, our students also gain an insight into the world of research, and talented and interested students can participate in a variety of research projects under the guidance of their tutors - the joy of discovery. They can present their results in the Scientific Student Circle (SSC) and at other conferences and lectures.


The Department of Management and Business Law invites students to embark on this exciting journey and wishes them joy, enjoyment and success!


Dr. Zsolt János Viharos PhD

Head of Department, Vice Dean, Senior Research Fellow

E-mail: viharos.zsolt@gtk.uni-neumann.hu


Department of Marketing and Business Communication


Together with our colleagues, we will work to help you develop and find your desired profession.

It is no exaggeration to say that without marketing and business communication skills, no one can call themselves an economist today. These professional subjects have also become so wide-ranging and diversified that it is almost impossible to fully understand and explore them. Nevertheless, our small Department is committed to giving these fields a worthy place in university education, and to researching and imparting this knowledge in as much depth as possible.

As my predecessor said: 'Modern and high-quality education cannot exist without research: as teachers, we are also researchers, and we ourselves like to keep improving. We see research as a means of ensuring our renewal, the surpluses that we can then reinvest in education. This is the approach that the staff of the Department take in their work in the NJE Faculty of Economics and Business Administration courses."


Dr. Judit Tessényi, PhD

Head of Department, Assistant Professor

E-mail: tessenyi.judit@gtk.uni-neumann.hu