Doctoral (PhD) studies may be started by applying for a topic officially proposed at the Hungarian Doctoral Council’ website ( on the website, after a successful interview with the Doctoral School’s admission committee.

To start the admission process, applicants must have a written confirmation letter from proposed supervisor and the host unit (institute/department or external institution).

The professional habitus points at the admission process are partly based on your knowledge of your chosen topic, including publication activity. Formal admission requirements (for candidates applying within five years of graduation) are an MA/MSc degree with at least a good grade and at least one state-recognised intermediate level 'C' - intermediate (B2 level) in general language, complex - or equivalent, as required by the Doctoral Regulations of Neumann János University. The admission examination and the assessment of the candidates are governed by the JNU Doctoral Regulations. The admission assessment criteria and the scoring system will be established in accordance with the JNU Doctoral Regulations (Annex 3 of the JNU Doctoral Regulations)

Candidates who have obtained their Master's degree in the current academic year can only be admitted to the doctoral programme on conditional admission until they present their diploma.