From 15 October, you can apply not only for the Spring 2024 Horticultural Engineering course, but also for all English-language programmes of John von Neumann University for the academic year 2024/25 in our university's DreamApply system. 

We have added new courses to the existing 3 BSc and one MA programmes, and are proud to announce the launch of our English-language PhD programme. Here is what is on offer:

- Computer Science Engineering BSc

 - Vehicle Engineering BSc

- Horticultural Engineering BSc

- BSc Business Administration and Management BSc

- International Business Management BSc

- Tourism and Catering BSc

- Regional and Environmental Economic Studies MA

- Master of Business Administration MBA 

- Doctoral Programme in Management and Business Administration Sciences (PhD)

For those who apply by 15 December 2023, we offer a 15% discount on the tuition fees.     

Detailed information about the courses can be found on the John von Neumann University website.         

Apply soon, pay less!